Tutors of this Institute believe that, competent, committed health care workers is a result of proper training and supervision on necessary knowledge, skills and altitudes which will assist in the provision of quality health services to the community.


The vision of Bulongwa health sciences institute is a Quality Training for competent and committed Human resource for health.

Mission Statement

Bulongwa Health Sciences Institute is a health education institution dedicated to train committed, competent HUMAN RESOURCE FOR HEALTH who will provide effective and efficiency health care to the community at any setting.


At the end of the institutional programs, the graduate will be able to:


Student Services

Picha ya Hostels za Bulongwa

Food And Accomodation

Food and accommodation are available within the Institute campus.

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Huduma ya afya bulongwa

Health Services

The Institute offers common health services which are available at Bulongwa Hospital.

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sports and games

Sports And Recreation

Students are fully participating and sharing sports with other groups in the community around the Institute.

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Picha ya askofu mstaafu bulongwa

Religious Activities

The Church and the Pastor is available in the Hospital premises. Other Churches are also available within the community around the Institute.

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